Suction filter Dn-250 with check valve

Application and installation

Filter is designed for the installation on suction system of pump stations with capacity up to 350 CBM/hr. Allows to prevent mechanical contamination (stones, branches, large leaves, etc.) from entering the pump station water intake system. Complete with check valve to prevent water leakage from the pump station suction system.


The filter body and screen are made of constructional carbon steel with hot-dip galvanizing 70 microns thickness. Check valve is made of stainless steel and mounted on a valve lifting mechanism, which is equipped with a cable for manually lifting of the valve in case of its jamming or forced water discharge from the intake hose.



Nominal inside diameter, mm


Connection type

flange Dn-250, Pn-1.0 MPa

Maximum efficient rate, l/sec


Working pressure, MPa


Test pressure, MPa


Body material

steel 3 (S235JR)

Safety screen material

steel 3 (S235JR)

Check valve material

steel 08Х18Н10 (ANSI 304)

Body and safety screen coating, DIN EN ISO 1461

hot-dip galvanizing

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