About us

The company "Polygon-Auto" starts its history in 1997 with the issue of protection of the engine compartment for cars of all brands.

The head office, manufacturing, the central warehouse is located in the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine. There is a regional warehouse and office in Kiev.

The main products are the product of deep processing of high-quality metal in various kinds of metal-working equipment.

Enumeration of the output:

- Protection of the engine compartment on passenger cars www.poligonavto.com

- motor tow hooks www.poligonavto.com

- 8-sided conical bearing galvanized www.opora.zp.ua

- accessories for lighting poles, masts, etc.www.opora.zp.ua

- accessories for sprinkler

- Quick-pipes

- accessories for irrigation systems

-shtampy, molds for plastic and rubber

- non-standard equipment, tools for machine tools and others.

Localization of production through the use of various types of equipment, the availability of its engineering and design department, working closely with partners who have modern equipment for hot-dip galvanized products, allows the company to "Polygon-Auto" qualitatively and in the shortest possible time to meet the needs of our customers.

We design and manufacture products in compliance with Ukrainian and European standards, thus ensuring the high quality down to the smallest detail. 

Our goal is leadership in the production of quality equipment for the customer.


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