Water-intake self-cleaning floating filter Dn-250


Designed for installation on the suction system of pump stations with a capacity of up to 450 CBM/hr. Allows water intake from shallow depths of surface water body, prevent mud and mechanical contamination from entering, scare away young fish and performs self-cleaning with water. Licensed as a fish protection device by the State Fisheries Agency of Ukraine.

Design and operating principle

Has a form of a rotating mesh drum with a check valve block. The whole structure is mounted on three sealed metal pontoons. The rotation of the drum is carried out due to the energy of the water supplied through a rubber hose from the pump station to the hydraulic turbine wheel nozzle that rotates the drum through a gearbox and a pair of gears. Self-cleaning of the drum is carried out by jets of water from flushing nozzles, to which water is supplied from the pump station with a pressure of at least 3 bar. The design provides for the adjustment of the deepening of the drum depending on the depth of the reservoir.



Filterable particles size, max, mm

2(#9 mesh)

Max output, l/sec


Working pressure, MPa


Test pressure, MPa


Body and pontoons material

steel 3 (S235JR)

Filter element material

steel 08Х18Н10 (ANSI 304)

Check valve material

steel 08Х18Н10 (ANSI 304)

Body and pontoons coating DIN EN ISO 1461

Hot-dip galvanizing

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