Quick disconnect connection Dn-150


Quick-release coupling is designed for connection of tubes and hoses (LFT, PE etc.), different parts of irrigation and industrial equipment. It enables quick connection in installation of irrigation systems, coupling to the suction units, mobile and lateral pivots.

The design and principle of operation

Quick-release coupling consists of the clamp 1, welded pipe 5 with sphere 2 and flange 3 with sealing ring 4 welded on it. The assembling is performed by coupling of the sphere 2 to the flange 3 via the sealing ring 4 and fastened by the clamp 1.

Technical characteristics of the pipeline

Pipe size, mm (inch)
150 (6")
Nipple Length mm
Nipple wall thickness, mm
The diameter of the nipple on zig, mm
Connection Type
sphere / flange
Working pressure, kgf/cm2 (MPa)
10 (1.0)
Test pressure, kgf/cm2 (MPa)
20 (2.0)
Coverage connection, DIN EN ISO 1461
hot zinc
The thickness of the coating micron
Mass assemblies, kg
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