Quick disconnect pipeline Dn-150


Pipeline with quick-release couplings is designed for building new and support of existing irrigation systems, spraying activities in agriculture, and also for the prompt water distribution from the source to the various points of use of water.
The pipeline enables the solution of problems in complex and isolated locations comprising the convenient tool for temporary and seasonal pipelines installations due to its ease in assembling and disassembling at the site.
Pipeline with quick-release couplings may be used for diversion of ground and sewage waters, prompt water distribution in fire containment activities, mining industry, open pits, mines, forestries.

Design and function

Pipeline with quick-release couplings consists of the clamp (1), welded pipe with spiral seam (5), sphere (2) and flange (3) with sealing ring (4). The assembling is performed by coupling of the sphere (2) to the flange (3) via the sealing ring (4) and fastened by the clamp (1).

Technical characteristics of the pipeline

Pipeline nominal inside diameter, mm (inch)
150 (6")
Pipe length, m
Pipeline wall thickness, mm
Type of connection
sphere / flange
Operating pressure, kgf/cm2 (MPa)
10 (1.0)
Test pressure, kgf/cm2 (MPa)
20 (2.0)
Pressure drop in kg/cm2 (MPa) 100 m
0.2 (0.02)
Pipe coating, DIN EN ISO 1461
hot zinc
Coating thickness, micrometers
Pipe Weight L-6m assembly kg
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