"It won't rain for long." Climatologist told whether Ukraine is facing a drought this year

«Дощу не буде довго». Кліматолог розповіла, чи загрожує Україні цього року посуха

Forecasts for the summer of 2022 promise both showers and real summer heat and long periods without precipitation. How can agriculture cope with this, says the climatologist.

July and August will be the hottest months of this summer. Sunny weather without rain and tropical showers will replace each other. Thanks to a rainy June, farmers hope to still get a good harvest this year.

The average temperature for three months of summer is 1-1.5 °C higher than last year. Changes from dry periods to heavy rains are due to the influence of the La Niña phenomenon - the cold current of the Pacific Ocean. La Nina affects the climate of the whole world and Ukraine is no exception. A lack of rainfall will affect the vegetation and may affect the quality of the crop.

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“All this will also affect agricultural production and create problems for growing vegetable crops. Some regions will experience drought and lack of precipitation. It should be noted that the La Niña period is characterized by sudden changes in weather. Even now in spring there are cold days and warm days. This weather fluctuation is very characteristic of La Niña. But where they use the irrigation system, even in such conditions they will be able to get a good harvest of vegetables,” warns environmental climatologist Vera Balabukh.

In addition, you should be prepared for the fact that during periods of rain, the amount of precipitation can reach the norm for several months.

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